We took part in the development of a widely-used pre-press application called PuzzleFlow Solution Provider as partners of the Lewald & Partner Systeme GmbH from Germany. Our job consisted in significant contributions to the technological redesign and implementation of the front-end of this on-line and on-demand PDF press preparation and production-controlling system.


In continuous cooperation with the German product specialists, we prepared the technological change of their Pre-press system front-end to Silverlight while retaining and enhancing its standard HTTP- and JSon-based communication. After finishing a successful prototype, we implemented the functional, Silverlight front-end-system. Our communication was performed via continuous English language consultations and daily connections (mainly via Skype) in close cooperation with the German and Hungarian partners. The development has been sequenced into two main iterations; the user stories-based specification of the tasks was done continuously, at times hand in hand with the last minute changing of the back-end, in flexible working hours but strictly keeping to deadlines. After delivery of the core system, we helped out with the work of our German partners with continuing consultations and advice.