We are especially proud of our contribution as a software technology expert in a highly confident project of one of the greatest European insurance companies. Our task was to redesign and implement an internal legacy system for the Hungarian branch of AEGON Insurance Group, based on .NET and Silverlight platforms.


The project – also considered as a technological pilot project for the contractor – was developed in close cooperation with internal IT professionals of AEGON Hungary, business consultants and Oracle Experts of Nextent, a Hungarian consultancy company. Our main target was to redesign and implement the old Oracle Forms based frontend of the system using Silverlight technology to assure a much better user experience and efficiency. It was of a special importance to switch the system to SOA architecture by designing and implementing a .NET based modern communication middleware which allows exploiting of the newest technological opportunities. During the development, we had to take into consideration that the system is served by an Oracle-based data park. In the project, our task list included the creation of a feasibility study and a technological concept paper, the preparation planning and continuous professional support and consultancy regarding the technological platforms for the project stakeholders, along with the design and implementation of the new working middleware panel and front-end prototypes.