Research and Development

Aside from our provided services, we continuously work on our own projects; we plan and design systems, we develop technologies and the range of our products is continuously enriched. Our emphasized aim is to take part in added value providing international research and development projects which are presenting new technologies and resulting in exciting prototypes. We continuously seek connections to possible international partners and expect contact from people with brave and innovative ideas which are worth being converted into international research and development projects.

Research and Development


The international experience and professional skills we are bringing real added value and enrich international projects. Our young spirit and verve can move even your project from a dead point to active success. Together, we can be more efficient and we can achieve a lot more in international research and development projects. As a participant of the Civilzone international project and working on our own products targeted to international markets, we’ve already gained vast international relations and experience that are worth to be exploited in other big projects as well.

Research and Development specialties @ INSTAIT

  • Information technology and society: development of integrated social system and social innovation
  • Coding/Cryptology: voting terminals, digital signature
  • Medical informatics: system integration of diagnostic tools and development of communication channels for these


  • a reliable and innovative partner, easy to work with
  • a partner for your EU projects and financing applications, and in the meantime, addition of a new country to your project and extension of financing possibilities
  • a professional and well-structured team, able to realize your idea and dream
  • prominent and experienced individual professionals, who can perfectly complement your project team
  • possibilities to enhance and complete your project




Get in connection with us and let’s figure out together.