PocketNurse is Instait’s own cross-platform smartphone application, developed specifically for cure-type medicine taking and administration, and a free version of the application will soon be available from the most popular application markets.


Among the professional aims while developing PocketNurse, we’ve put accent on a simple but user experience-driven interface with clear and transparent usage, and cross-platform development retaining the speed and abilities of native running apps, with the ability of being integrated into complete medical systems (e.g. the possibility of communication with different medical measuring instruments and test tools, collection and transfer of data from these tools, or connection to background systems providing extra services). The code base of PocketNurse is implemented in .NET which uses the API of different platforms and compiles to the specific native code; although having a shared code base, the user interfaces and notification methods were developed taking into consideration the unique abilities and specific needs of each platform. The application has been developed in an iterative model with low-fidelity prototyping; this allowed live testing of the actual functions directly on mobile phones during development right from the beginning. During development, we consulted with several medical experts and practicing doctors, using their valuable feedback to improve the application and fine-tune its functions.