Milimári webshop

The newly-founded Milimári Ltd. dealing with home delivery of bio and premium quality foods and commodities was searching for a solutions partner capable of short-term developing and long-term supporting a much-needed full IT infrastructure for their family business.


By the beginning of the project, it was clear that the originally-planned IT system (taking as a model one of the biggest home delivery services from England) couldn’t be implemented within the required deadlines, so we were searching for an alternative solution together with the client. Finally, we opted for a price-effective solution prepared for a shorter life-cycle, but deliverable in an optimum time (2-3 months), which – also determined by its planned short life-cycle – first of all had to solve, support and automatize the main problems of a starting business. Of course, the finalized solution has been designed to be recyclable and reusable, so the client would save money not only at the beginning, but also at the end of its life-cycle.We’ve started construction of the system with the back-end and we’ve also introduced our client to some reliable graphic designers and image creation professionals so that, parallel to the building of the IT solution, the front-end image of the company was created and used in the IT system. After finalization of the back-end system, the front-end – the effective web shop – was first realized without design, which was later added together with the site-build and finally the whole system (together with e-mail server and other elements of the IT infrastructure) was deployed on the client’s own web storage. We’ve also provided consultation and offered advice during Domain registration, selection of proper web storage/site providers and other related tasks, so that the client only needed to focus on building and organizing their business proper which, after intensive testing, was served by a reliable, on-time, delivered IT system.