Our participation in the Civilzone international project is a perfect example of an important social innovation realized with the cooperation of the non-profit and business sector, using the latest technological developments and the power of social media. We have created the final system architecture document of the Civilzone e-democracy Facebook application, and as a result of our on-going implementation process, masses of users worldwide will be able to simply perform civic participation acts in the near future.


Civilzone is one of the most innovative e-democracy projects of recent years, creating the possibility for millions of Facebook users to protect and discuss their civil liberties and act without any special effort, integrated into their daily on-line Facebook activity. Civilzone is developed in cooperation with an international NGO (Association for Societal Participation) and a business venture (Yocotto Ltd.), and is based on a simple-to-use Facebook application operated by an international network of NGOs which is organized to give functionality and control for the application and fill it with daily content. We are proud to provide the full technological basis of such an important social innovation project by designing and developing a very complex multi-lingual system proving high functionality and control and serving such a massive crowd of users, as well as being at the same time easy-to-use and attractive on user experience.


“The contribution of Instait in the development of the Civilzone system plan and management of the implementation brings us a high added value which seriously influences the functionality of the system.” István Fábián – vice president, Association for Societal Participation

Currently we are developing the prototype of the system and preparing for international implementation. Instait will also provide full multi-lingual technical support and maintenance for international usage.