Onsite Outsourcing

Are you running development projects, and you have the necessary IT infrastructure and environment at your disposal, but you are in lack of skilled specialists? Your project is highly confidential, and it is important to keep it in-house? You want to manage your full development team yourself? The solution is onsite outsourcing, a service in which our company has significant experience, as well. Our outsourced colleagues are working on serious, big projects for years and add their contribution to the implementation of important IT developments at the facility of our clients.

Onsite Outsourcing

Onsite outsourcing @ INSTAIT

Our dedicated onsite outsourcing colleagues are all professionals with 10+ years’ experience and specialist in various fields of IT technologies. You will always get trusted colleagues, always fully employed by us with tested and proven abilities in long-term development work.


Onsite outsourcing is somehow the opposite of normal outsourcing (off-shore or near shore), just not the task is outsourced to the partner but the partner brings the workforce to the facility of the client. This is a typical solution in case you have to refill or extend existing project-based development teams or just temporary replace team members, or when you just have tasks impossible to outsource for which it is not worth to permanently employ somebody. Sometimes the need for security and protection of sensitive data is the driving factor in opting for onsite outsourcing solutions.


  • money, because rented workforce is cheaper, with no additional costs, and you only have to pay for work as long you need it. No time and money wasted.
  • flexibility and planning, because agreements are easier to modify that work contracts, and you do not have to deal with work organization and administration issues, it is easier to plan your costs, flexibility of change is much higher
  • wider opportunities, because you can rent developers, planners, quality managers or even management staff from us
  • speed, as the required expertise is immediately and in guaranteed quality at your disposal, you do not waste precious time with recruitment
  • security, because our colleague works with you in an environment controlled by you


Onsite outsourcing is generally done based on T&M invoicing, so it is a very flexible and perfectly calculable solution.

YYou will tell us your needs and we will outsource the proper specialist to you , in, generally, a few days. Our professional will perform his work at your facility or the facility appointed by you with the tools provided by you or granted by us according to our T&M agreement. Settlement of the service is typically done on the basis of hourly, daily or monthly fees and besides the payment of the invoices, you have no other responsibility. Of course, we take full responsibility and offer full guarantees for the work and behavior of our outsourced staff members.