Nearshore Software Outsourcing

Why would you search for a new development team each time for each of your projects if you have a well-prepared and experienced, well-accustomed team at your disposal? Do not risk time and money if you have the possibility to transfer those tasks for which your company has no resources to a reliable outsourcing partner! We have significant experience and the required language knowledge and professional skills in the fields of nearshore software outsourcing.

nearshore outsourcing

Why is this good for you?

The complete or partial outsourcing of IT-related services could be the optimum solution in case you cannot (or eventually do not want to) solve a given IT development with your own resources (or in case of lack of these), and also if this would be very expensive for you and you do not want to invest in IT infrastructure either. If you just need some temporary extra capacity in a fast and reliable way for any of your rapidly developing projects, you can’t do better than outsource.

Nearshore software outsourcing @ INSTAIT

We work in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest (GMT+1), in air-conditioned, well-equipped offices served by outstanding IT infrastructure, in the same time zone was you, never far away. With our language knowledge, international experience, professional approach and organization, we do believe we offer much better services than our competitors.


  • money and reliability because without project management, there’s no successful project, and our professionals are not only skilled with vast international experience, but they are reputed specialists, amongst the best in their field
  • reliable project management, because without project management there’s no successful project, and our professionals are not only skilled and with vast international experience, but they are reputed specialists, among the best in their field
  • wider possibilities, because you can outsource to us development, support, quality assurance or even management, and we are able to cover more specialty fields, too
  • outstanding money for value ratio, because nearshore software outsourcing in Hungary from this perspective is amongst the best in the world
  • security and comfort, because with outsourcing, you can get rid of the daily bothering problems of the given development work; you get legal protection since we always act on a strict contractual basis and with guaranteed responsibility takeover
  • speed and flexibility, because the skills needed for the development task are immediately at your disposal and with guaranteed quality, you do not have to waste precious time with recruiting; furthermore, you can flexibly react on changing demands of a project without long-term consequences
  • easier and more reliable control, as in nearshore outsourcing, there are no big distances and differences, either from physical or cultural perspectives


Upon your request and based on preliminary discussions (via phone, e-mail or Skype, or personally, in case it is needed) generally in a couple of days you’ll receive your personalized price estimate. In case of your acceptance our colleagues will contact (and visit, if needed) you and discuss directly the main concept and main milestones of your project. Based on this you’ll receive your final offer and contract proposal. After signing the contract the common work with you and your assigned specialist will start.