Mobile and Social Media Apps Development

With the rapid spread of smartphones and masses of social media users, application development has become the most trendy and fastest-growing field of IT development. Applications running on smartphones and Facebook are the most trendy and most popular IT products. You do want to be a part of the future, don’t you? Our company has dedicated application development professionals who – besides the development of our own products – are capable of developing user-friendly and attractive applications for all mobile or non-mobile platforms within tight deadlines.

mobile and social media apps


Applications running on mobile devices or on social media platforms are making it possible to reach a large number of users who can potentially become the clients of your business too. Applications are simple and user-friendly products; their substance is the increased user experience. So that all mobile and social media apps can be used in a very efficient way, not only to increase business and get new clients, but also for a better service and satisfaction of your existing customers and/or consumers. In our changing world, the biggest part of daily communication has been transferred to smart mobile devices and social media sites and this direction has to be followed by business communication as well. With our applications, you can reach your clients more effectively and communicate with them in an easy way.

Mobile and social media apps development @ Instait

We see mobile and social media app development not primarily as a technological challenge, so we don’t just implement but also create your application right from it’s idea phase, and we develop these applications not only to serve your needs, but to provide full satisfaction and premium user experience at the same time.


  • clients, because user-friendly and attractive applications are perfect tools to convince new customers/consumers of using your services
  • a cheap and easy-to-use marketing communications tool, which will get your messages in a fast and effective way right to the people for whom the messages are targeted/li>
  • added value to your services, which will help you keep your clients satisfied and retain them for the long-term
  • an organizational tool, because mobile applications are perfectly suitable for handling company-organizational issues efficiently, such as working time administration, communication with field workers, task assignment etc.


You just have to contact us and explain the task, process or activity you want to handle with a mobile or social media application in the future. After preliminary consultation and analysis and in case you are satisfied, we will provide you with a concept and function-plan of the application followed by a system plan. Implementation of mobile and social media applications usually requires reduced development time, so eventually you will be able to use your mobile and social media apps with simple functionalities even within weeks.