Consulting And Quality Management

Nobody is expert in everything, neither are we. But we are experts in IT development, and we’ve gathered our knowledge over decades; a knowledge that we are happy to now place at your service! You do not have to necessarily be an IT expert to run IT projects if you can only rely on trusted advisors and consultants. We’ll listen to your problem, analyze the task and propose a realistic and realizable solution which will also adapt and align with the possibilities of your company. Furthermore, besides consulting, we put a very high accent on the solutions which will turn our advice into realized facts and projects.

Consulting and Quality Management @ Ins


There are many situations when you’ll need to consult an expert before making a major decision or to acquire consulting and quality management services. This could happen at the beginning of a project when we are just assessing the possibilities, but also in middle of a project when, as a result of a bad decision, you are on the wrong track and seek an ideal get-out. Because our business is based on individuals with outstanding professional experience, we do believe that there are issues for which we can really provide efficient help and advice.

Consulting and quality management @ INSTAIT

What to do with an advice?

Anybody can give you advice, but we are keen to only supply realizable advices to you and we will try to assure this by also providing the possibility to order the implementation of the suggested solution right from us.


Some typical requests we are able to handle:
  • feasibility and risk studies (taking in consideration technological and other limits of the project)
  • avoiding or managing traps in planning and implementation, restarting stuck projects
  • identifying optimization possibilities (efficiency, sustainability, costs, etc.) of existing projects
  • partial or complete redesign or re-implementation of older systems, transfer to newer technologies
  • connection of existing or older systems with own modern solutions, creation of hybrid technology systems

Why do you need quality management?

Many people think that quality management will only mean over-documenting the processes. In fact, a well-developed quality management system does not mean more paperwork than any other general business process. Quality management, as a concrete and complete qualifying process, can be divided into more parts: during quality planning, you define your aims which will be fulfilled with content in the quality regulations, and the quality assurance is the field where we will be convinced of the outcome and will assure complete delivery of the aims. Quality development can be the last step in which – if needed – we can concentrate on the improvement of our delivery skills regarding fulfillment of the quality aims.


  • your decisions will be well-based, as with our consulting and quality management services we basically help prepare your decisions, also assisting you in avoiding traps and dead-end directions
  • fast and efficient selection process, as you do not have to know the best specialist and service providers of the IT industry; we know them
  • efficiency and transparency, as our quality management service also guarantees implementation and makes it transparent
  • always fresh and up-to-date technology, as IT industry is developing with at an annoying pace and you do not always know the latest technologies; we know them
  • efficiency and transparency, as our quality management service also guarantees implementation and makes it transparent